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BulletWorkforce Board

The most recent meeting of the Workforce Board was held on Thursday, November 19, 2015.  For more information, please read the agenda or minutes of that meeting.

The next meeting of the Workforce Board will be held on Thursday, January 28, 2015 at 8:00am at 248 Ambrogio Drive, Gurnee, IL. Agenda

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The Workforce Investment Board is a business led policy and decision making body created by the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Its mandate is to create a workforce development system that meets the need of employers for qualified workers and by expanding employment opportunities for residents of Lake County. The Board has also become a key player in the economic growth and competitiveness of our local area and the region by focusing on establishing and promoting workforce development policies and systems that improve the economic life of the Lake County community. The Board brings together a consortium of business, economic development organizations, education, labor, community organizations, and elected officials to identify workers' and employers' needs and develop ways to meet them.  The Board helps businesses invest in the workforce, develop a ready, willing, and able workforce, and make decisions about the use of Workforce Investment funds. The board has a number of accomplishments and examples include:

  • Established two Job Centers in Lake County that provide workforce services to workers and employers
  • Published the State of the Workforce Report which identified industries projected to have the greatest growth in our area along with workforce gaps, challenges and opportunities
  • Promoted cooperation and coordination among workforce stakeholders
  • Selected providers of youth services funded with Workforce Investment funds
  • Partnered with six other Workforce Boards in the 10 county Chicago area

Board appointments are made by the Chairman of the Lake County Board. To be considered for Board membership please complete a nomination form.  Contact  Gary Gibson, Board Manager, at 847.377.2234 or by email at


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