Annual Reporting Template

Annual Reporting Template, Year 14

Below is this year’s customizable annual reporting template, which can be used to create your Year 14 Annual Facility Inspection Report (i.e., Annual Report). Before using the template to create your Annual Report, please carefully review the information provided in the red dashed boxes preceding each part of the template. These boxes provide useful information and helpful tips for completing your Annual Report. There should be NO yellow shaded text, red text boxes or margin comments in your final document when the annual report is completed and ready for submission to IEPA.

SMC revised the SMPP template in order to comply with IL EPA's General NPDES Permit No. ILR40 issued on March 1, 2016. The SMPP includes substantial changes from the previous template. ILR40 states, that Permittees are required to update their SMPP by August 28, 2016 and include a description as to how the program has been modified to bring it into compliance with the requirements of the new permit in their Year 14 Annual Report. We understand that local MS4s are in varying different stages of this revision process. In order to minimize confusion, SMC has created 2 different reporting templates based on their SMPP status. The first template is for those communities that have revised their SMPP based on the new template (i.e. have a fully compliant program):

MS4 Annual Report Template for Communities with updated SMPP, Year 14, Template Date 04.24.17 
The second template is for those communities that are in the process of revising the SMPP, to become fully compliant:  MS4 Annual Report Template for Communities with original SMPP, Year 14, Template Date 04.24.17

Communities that have still not created an SMPP should update their annual report based on the format they previously submitted; SMC has not provided a template for these communities.

As a reminder, your reporting packet (i.e., Annual Facility Inspection Report Form & Annual Report) should be sent to IEPA by no later than June 1, 2016.  The form may be placed on top of your Annual Report, as a cover sheet, to create your reporting packet.  The packet should be submitted directly to IEPA using the following e-mail address:; there is no need to submit a copy to SMC.

Please call 847-377-7700 if you should have any questions about the template or any questions about IL EPA's new permit or municipal stormwater program. ​​​​​