Lost Cats

If you are the owner of a pet shown or have found one of the pets shown, please contact Animal Care and Control at 847-377-4700. Please note that none of the pets shown are currently housed at Animal Care and Control.


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A730301
Pet Description: female, Siamese, Seal Point, blue eyes 9 months old, pink collar, phone number on inside
Town/Area Lost: Lake Barrington
Date Last Seen: October 15, 2017
A730301 Buffy


Lost Pet’s ID Number:
Pet Description: male neutered, DLH, gray tiger w/white, 2 years old, dark spot on top of nose
Town/Area Lost: Lindenhurst
Date Last Seen: December 19, 2017
A735444 Diesel


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A512200
Pet Description: spayed female, brown tiger, DSH, 9 years old, missing hair on inner legs, small cut on ear
Town/Area Lost: Waukegan
Date Last Seen: December 3, 2017
A512200 Maty


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A736192
Pet Description: neutered male, brown spotted tabby, Bengal, 17 year old, long body and skinny tail
Town/Area Lost: Winthrop Harbor
Date Last Seen: December 3, 2017
A736192 Maximus


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A704804
Pet Description
: orange tiger, DSH, neutered male, 2 years old, yellow collar
Town/Area Lost: Lake Villa
Date Last Seen: February 7, 2018
A704804 Milo


Lost Pet’s ID Number:
Pet Description: black, DLH, spayed female,  5 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Round Lake
Date Last Seen: October 22, 2017
A730652 Mouser


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A727954
Pet Description: male, gray/brown with black spots, Savannah, 2 years old
Town/Area Lost: Antioch
Date Last Seen: September 2017
A727954 Nimbus


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A730939
Pet Description
: black/gray, DSH, female spayed, 9 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Gurnee
Date Last Seen: October 28, 2017
A730939 Pepper


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A468186
Pet Description: grey and white, DSH, 10 years old
Town/Area Lost: Miller Rd and Rand Rd, Lake Zurich
Date Last Seen: November 23, 2017


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A669796
Pet Description: neutered male, brown tabby w/ white paws, DSH, green eyes, 3 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Waukegan
Date Last Seen: October 23, 2017
A669796 Sammie
Lost Pet’s ID Number
: A743755
Pet Description: spayed female, calico, DMH, 20 years old, front declaw
Town/Area Lost: Lake Villa
Date Last Seen: April 15, 2018
A743755 Shian


Lost Pet’s ID Number:
Pet Description: female spayed, DSH, diluted tortie, 4 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Hobart, Indiana
Date Last Seen: November 5, 2017
A733128 Sophia


Lost Pet’s ID Number
: A494988
Pet Description: spayed female, brown tabby, DSH, 12years old, ear tip, chipped
Town/Area Lost: North Barrington
Date Last Seen: September 26, 2017
A494988 Squeak


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A734512
Pet Description: male neutered, black and white, DSH, 3 years old, white chin chest and paws, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Wheeling
Date Last Seen: October 28, 2017
A734512 Sylvester


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A727101
Pet Description: male neutered, white and black tabby, DMH, 2 years old
Town/Area Lost: Fox Lake
Date Last Seen: March 27, 2018
A727101 Theo


Lost Pet’s ID Number
: A521484
Pet Description: neutered male, brown tiger w/ white, DSH, 10 years old
Town/Area Lost: Lake Villa
Date Last Seen: January 21, 2018
A521484 Teagan


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A733531
Pet Description: male neutered, orange, DSH, 4 years old
Town/Area Lost: Round Lake Park
Date Last Seen: November 28, 2017
A733531 Tiger


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A683287
Pet Description
: gray tiger, DSH,, 2 years old, male neutered
Town/Area Lost: Park City
Date Last Seen: October 8, 2017
A683287 Zeus